Time to take care of your body with the right sitting posture! Take a look at this value set that can be installed on any type of chair!

Sitting down for prolonged periods of time can definitely cause lower back pain! In these days, most of us are not keeping up with the correct posture, exercising regularly and always on the phone or computer...all these cause pressure on the body and cause backache even at a young age!
‘Sit upright’ >>> I believe this phrase is pretty common in our daily lives. Now, take a look at your colleagues...it is difficult to find 1 out of 10 that is really sitting upright while they are busy with their work. What you will probably see……………….
Hunched back
Turtle neck (face almost on the desk)
Slouching on the chair
...Are all these familiar? Or you usually sit like that too?!
We all know that these are bad habits, but it is really not easy to sit upright ya? To deal with this problem, people usually place pillows or soft toys on the office chair...or use a huge sum of money to purchase Ergonomic Chairs...hoping to reduce burden on the waist to improve the sitting posture.
^ It is generally more common to use such cushion as backrest. However, it doesn’t fit the body shape or support your waist well. The design may look good, but it is not useful at all.
As for the other type, it’s known as the ‘Corrective Chair’. Cheap versions are useless, while pricey ones gonna burn a hole in your pocket! It may cost up to thousand over dollars for one Ergonomic Chair...not everyone can afford it.
*Aikaa*, a well-known Korean brand has launched a set of Ergonomic Seat Cushions >>> A-Back & A-Hip! A creation with the collaboration of Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Therapist and Product Designer. They picked the most comfortable materials and went through multiple product tests to create a product that helps in maintaining the right posture for anyone! 
*This product is to help people who sit for prolonged hours to maintain the correct body posture. This is not a medical product, please consult a doctor for any health-related issues.
This set of seat cushions can be installed on any chair! Perfectly support the body by adjusting the height and leaning on it! 
Sometimes, sitting down for long hours will make the butt uncomfortable, because the pelvis is not flat, your body weight will always be concentrated on the same spot, it hurts after a long time. A-Hip is designed to perfectly support the pelvis and thigh areas and disperse body pressure. 
▼ Regular chairs cause weight to be concentrated on the same spot (red colored) / Aikaa Ergonomic Cushions help to disperse the body pressure ▼
I know some of you may not understand, but take a look at the test! A-Hip Ergonomic seat cushion is made of high-density and low-elastic memory foam to absorb the pressure of body weight on the butt area.
Look at this raw fragile egg, you can sit on it without breaking it! The weight of the body is completely dispersed, with the reduction in pressure, it is definitely comfortable to sit on it!
100% MADE IN KOREA - Breathable and Comfortable
The inside is made of memory foam while the outer material is 3D Space Mesh which is breathable, without stuffiness. For those products of bad quality, sitting on it for long hours during Summer can cause sweat and stickiness...so uncomfortable!
 ▼Breathable and comfortable material with maximum comfort  ▼
Can also be used in the car
Not only the office chair, A-Back & A-Hip can also be installed on the car seat! Drivers who need to drive for a long time can sit on it to use the correct posture to drive safely and comfortably~ 
Now, time to take a look at some reviews by our valued customers! Accumulated over 5000 positive reviews on our Korea official webstore, with ratings as high as 4.9/5.0! Based on the popular online shopping platform in Korea, Naver Shopping, there are also more than 5500 reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5.
Online review by netizens
(Review by user)★★★★
: I have used similar products, but didn’t know that memory foam can be so comfortable to the waist. I am not feeling well recently due to back pain...purchased 2 sets because 1 is for my wife ^^ Initially, she scolded me for spending money, but after she tried it...she likes it a lot! Haha...thanks to this...I can now work comfortably~ 
(Review by user_Soo**)★★★★★
: I bought the whole set. 
Spend a third of the day sitting down daily, that makes my butt and waist really uncomfortable. This helps to maintain the correct sitting posture and less pressure on the same spot. I heard that with incorrect posture, it may result in bigger tummy too...haha! Purchase one set to pamper yourself! 
(Review by user_Kim**)★★★★★
: Bought this and used in the office for more than a week now...really comfy! With the bad habits in the past, this is really useful to me! 3 other colleagues have placed their orders as well...haha! 
(N Shopping by user_myka**)★★★★★
: Been paying attention to this product when I saw the advertisement. Recently, I really have backache...so I purchased this. It wraps perfectly around my waist, giving the support that I need. Really good seat cushions~
(N Shopping by user_dewl**)★★★★★
: I thought for a long time whether to place an order on this product. I hesitated for a long time and finally bought it, no regrets! I used to hunch my back when I sit down...but after putting on A-HIP, it helps me achieve the right posture, really satisfied...thank you! 
(N Shopping by user_blug**)★★★★★
: My family member bought this...I tried it and fell in love! Placed my order and now we are using them together! I am very pleased with my purchase and intend to purchase another set for my car!
Snapped up fast in Korea! Now, you don’t have to fly to Korea to get this Aikaa Set! Just get it here on Singapore’s Official Webstore! Definitely worth investing in a good set of cushions, for better health and comfort! 

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