Playing games, Chasing dramas...long hours of sitting? Take a look at this!

One episode...just one more episode!!!

Are you also like that? Watching dramas non-stop, just to see what’s going to happen next...or are you eager to ‘level up’ in your mobile games? Do you feel soreness on your body? It’s actually a sign that you aren’t maintaining a proper posture, which may lead to health issues in the long run.

But, do you know? Long hours of sitting actually put a lot of pressure on your waist and spine. It is worse if you are not keeping up with the right posture, will face discomfort on your body, such as backaches or neck pain. They are signs that your body is showing its protest! Look at the following (NG) wrong postures, which one applies to you…?

Crossing your legs

Girls tend to cross their legs, but this is bad for the ischial bone and lumbar spine, which affect blood circulation and it is easy to get cold hands and feet. 


Sitting with legs crossed

It is perfectly OK to relax at home...BUT! It’s not right if you lift up your feet as high as the is a burden to your spine, which will cause shoulder and neck pain.


Hunched back

It is really difficult to change a habit overnight. However, a hunched back is not only ugly, it affects the spine which results in breathing difficulties. The neck pain will also affect the quality of sleep quality at night.


Lowering the back of the chair

Pressing the back of your chair all the way down…? Chewing on snacks...isn’t this the best position for watching a drama? Please be mindful of your spine! In fact, try to sit up right, this also helps to keep you awake. 


Sitting only at the front part of the chair

After sitting down for a long time, we tend to slide off the chair, which may cause the spine to bend sideways! We should sit on the entire seat cushion, to help distribute pressure on the body evenly.

After saying so much, I know that ‘Talk is simple, Do is hard’...what sit up straight, keep the feet position at 90 degrees and sit on the seat cushion with your whole butt, is hard to even maintain that position for 5 minutes!!!

Hence, today I am going to introduce a ‘helper’ to you. It helps to correct your sitting posture automatically...suitable for office workers, students or even those who are playing games or chasing dramas! Must have! 



(*This product is not for medical use, please consult a professional doctor on your health issues)

AIKAA’s A-Back and A-Hip are well-known in Korea with over 5000 positive reviews (as high as 4.9 / 5.0 stars)! The brand has once collaborated with the largest Cinema in Korea, CGV...many people left reviews online that the seats are really comfortable! 


Many people once thought of purchasing Ergonomic Chairs, but gave up after looking at the crazy prices…….(will need to burn a hole in the pocket)~

AIKAA places you as a priority, which is why the entire process include Human Body Experts to select the most comfortable material and to conduct multiple product tests.  The seat cushions (A-Back or A-Hip) can be installed easily on any chairs! 



The memory foam is great at shock absorbance! Look at this raw fragile egg, did not even crack after sitting on it! This shows that A-Hip disperses the body pressure evenly, reducing the burden on the butt area.  



Pair it with you lean on wraps around your waist...sitting upright isn’t that difficult anymore! 



In this hot weather, afraid that you will sweat easily and the cushions will be sticky and stuffy? Fret not! AIKAA uses 3D Air Space Mesh, which material is more breathable than regular also includes rosemary that helps to remove unpleasant smell and kills bacteria! 



Not only on regular chairs, for people who drive for long hours, add these on to the car seat now! 



Do it the smart way, invest in something that is useful, yet affordable! It is never too late to start correcting your posture now. But, do remember to stand up, stretch your body or go for walks in the midst of your busy schedules...stay healthy and happy! 



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