STOP sitting like this! These common positions are hurting your back and spine!

If you have back pain from sitting for too long, improving your posture may help, and it can also reduce muscle tension.

Correcting your posture may feel not use to it at first because your body is used to sitting and standing in a certain way. But always remember, with some practice, good posture will become second nature. In the long run, this is the first step to help the back!

Here are the most common postures that cause back problems!

Many of us make the same common mistakes, which can increase postural pressure and ultimately lead to back pain...





The longer we sit, the more we slouch.

More than half of us spend more than 6 hours a day sitting down, and bad sitting posture can have short-term and long-term effects on your health and body!

This is our simple three-step solution for lower back pain that occurs when sitting in the office or in front of a TV screen all day long:

1. Buy yourself a high-quality memory foam seat cushion, which will help support and maintain the arch of the spine when sitting.

2. Get up from the chair and move at least once an hour. No matter how busy you are, you should get up from your chair for at least 1-2 minutes.

3. After you get home, please do some strengthening exercises every day. You can do it before going to bed, it helps relax muscles and keep your body healthy.

If you are looking for a seat cushion that can be placed in an office chair, then we recommend you to use this!

South Korea has made ergonomic seat cushions that help achieve correct posture and provide comfort.

Aikaa A-Back and A-Hip

After passing 80,000 pressure tests with 100kg of loaded weight, this support set has shown 92% resilience against the crushing force.

This is much higher than competing products, so you know you’re getting the highest quality lumbar support on the market!!


1.Improved posture

2.More comfortable sitting experiences

3.Less pressure on your back and hips

4.Reduced lumbar pain and soreness

5.Reduce pressure on your body

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