Everything goes wrong in 2022? 3 ways to improve fatigue in the office💡

How was your 2022?
Bad ??? or Good?  can you do any better on 2023🤗



Are you ready?
Welcome to the new year, what are your new year wishes?


The most important thing is to take care of your health! !!

Eat well, exercise more, and stay healthy💪
Getting sick is the worst thing now...
Be careful and wear mask when many people 😷

Also, working every day also makes people feel tired...

What can I do to reduce my tiredness at work

Don’t worry!!
Here are 3 tips to help you improve fatigue in the office💻📠

1. Say goodbye to sugary drinks and drink more water🧃 🥤


In fact, office work is nothing more than long-term sedentary work...😫

Long-term sitting will cause blood circulation and metabolism to slow down so that the body's fatigue will increase

At this time, if you drink more sugary drinks, it will not only cause fatigue but also obesity😱


The easiest way to maintain normal body functions is to drink plenty of water💦

Air conditioners suck moisture out of a room to bring down the humidity and cool it off.🧊This can pull water from your skin, drying it and you out. so that's why you have to drink more

In addition to speeding up metabolism in the body by taking in water, it can also force you to get up to the toilet and move around🥳

2. Find the best sitting posture 


 As mentioned earlier, long-term sedentary

Of course, sitting posture is very important.

Improper sitting posture will not only cause back pain all over the body but also serious problems such as constipation and hemorrhoids

So what is the correct sitting posture when using a computer in the office? Let me tell you!

1. The (computer)screen should be slightly lower than the horizontal line of sight 5-10 degrees

2. The distance between the body and the screen is about one arm

3. Relax your shoulders and keep your head, shoulders, and hips in a straight line

4. Arms parallel to the floor

5. Feet flat on the ground, knees 90 degrees bent

You have to try the above tips💡
Keeping the correct posture makes it easier to work⚖️

3. Find the desk arrangement and find your own best pace

Whether it is the size of the mouse, the height of the screen, or the position of the drawer, find the most suitable configuration suits for you, and you will be able to improve the fatigue caused by work!


Of course, you spend a day 8 hours, 5 days a week sitting in the office

If your boss is willing to spend money to buy a great chair for employees, you really have to cherish it!

But if you still feel painful to sit on an office chair, then you can try to buy a good chair cushion to improve the comfortness.


Developed by physiotherapists and designers

In addition to the low-key and stylish appearance, it can also assist in adjusting the sitting posture. Even if it is a difficult seat, it can also maintain a comfortable sitting posture and reduce fatigue caused by work!


If you are still afraid that this year's bad luck will affect your luck in the coming year

Then take the opportunity to improve the office environment~

Reduce fatigue Repel negative energy and stress with positive energy!

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