4 things to reduce back pain and improve overall posture! Get in the habit of checking your posture throughout the day!

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With all the work, email, and social media, it’s easier to find yourself slouched over a phone or slumped over a laptop for hours. Being locked on a screen for a long time, especially when you are not positioned correctly, will cause a lot of damage to our muscles that will impact long-term health and productivity.

When your body gets used to bending for a few hours, it is easy to continue to maintain the same posture even if you are not in front of the screen. That's what caused ''sitting disease''.

A sitting disease that is caused after sitting for long periods of time without sufficient exercise and spine alignment can lead to several long-term health conditions.

Over the years, a number of studies have investigated the habits of office workers, and many studies have found a strong correlation between sitting at a desk and chronic back pain.

To prevent chronic health issues and enhance your wellbeing, it’s important to implement healthy workplace habits that improve your posture at work through some simple ways.

Here, you can take 4 things to reduce laziness and improve overall posture. Pay attention to how you stand, sit, or walk!


1. Get up and walk around

Maintaining the posture for a long time can cause muscle tension, discomfort, and fatigue.

To prevent muscle pain and fatigue, get up, stretch, and walk for at least a few minutes every hour. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to get up and move around. It helps to release the pressure on our back when sitting for too long and avoid looking at the computer for a long time.

2. Correct sitting posture

When sitting down, remember sitting up straight with your shoulders relaxed, but not arched or rounded. Choose a chair height so that you can put your feet firmly on the floor. Avoid crossing your legs and always keep your knees level or slightly above your hips.

Pay attention to your head position. Don't let your head and chin sit in front of your shoulders. Keep your computer screen at eye level to prevent your neck from bending forward or backward.

3. Do some exercises to reverse bad postures

Maintaining the natural lumbar curve of the waist is essential to prevent back pain related to posture. Adjusting posture distortion can help relieve pain.

You can do some simple re-adjustment exercises to help you retrain your muscles, such as standing on a flat wall with your feet and doing children's postures for 5 minutes before going to bed every morning and evening... Regular exercise can prevent our bones and ligaments from being affected. Compression, tension, and protrusion are not aligned. Avoid falling into the ''lazy posture'' every day and make it a daily habit. Changes in small, it will always make a big difference.

4. Use an ergonomic stand

Years of bad posture habits make it difficult to train yourself to always maintain perfect alignment. Fortunately, there are excellent support products that can help improve posture and help build better ergonomic habits.

One of the most important products that promote the correct sitting posture on your computer is the appropriate office chair. But not everyone can afford high-quality ergonomic chairs because some of them cost a lot of money. In these cases, good quality ergonomic cushion set will be a good solution!

Aikaa is based on a 3D ergonomic design that surrounds the waist and hips to distribute pressure. 

100% Made in Korea, with the outstanding memory foam, it will not go out of shape easily! The product is covered with 3D Space Mesh, that makes the material breathable. 

This posture-correcting seat cushion is designed to take the pressure off the coccyx, allowing your backbone the support it needs to stay in a chair eight hours a day.

In addition, this cushion naturally encourages the correct sitting position, preventing fatigue, and giving you an improved posture. 

This cushion has a non-slip design and can be used to fix various chairs. There is an adjustable buckle on the cushion, you can put it on your dining chair, your office chair, your car, your sofa as well. Sitting on a good seat cushions is not only very comfortable, but also relieves pain and eliminates the discomfort associated with prolonged sitting on hard chairs

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