This isn’t good! For those who are sitting for long hours, stop slouching!

In these modern days, white-collar workers will sit for at least 8 hours a day in the office.  
Usually after they reach home, they continue to watch dramas or play games.
However, if you have the habit of slouching, crossing your legs or sitting with the wrong posture, it is going to cause you burden on your hip and butt area. 
You will feel soreness and discomfort as time goes by. 
 Everyone should search for articles or videos online that teach us to maintain the right posture. For example, we should sit properly on the chair, waist should be upright, knees should be at 90 degrees with feet stepped on the ground……
But for those who have tried, not to mention staying in that position for 8 hours...I think 8 minutes will also be a problem. It is definitely not easy to get rid of bad habits and change the posture straight away.
Regardless of Men or Women, even if you dress up well, but your hunched back or poor posture makes you look lethargic...this is a ‘NO-NO’! 
Hence, for those who are sitting for long hours, 
it is important to take note of your sitting posture. 
Today, we are going to introduce this set that helps you with the ideal sitting posture and get used to it in no time! 
Aikaa is a brand from Korea. It is known to work with human body experts such as Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Therapists. It took around 200 days to design and finalize the products.
However, they are many seat cushions out there, 
why is it a must to choose Aikaa?
Sitting down all day, I feel pain in my butt area and it is really uncomfortable because generally, the chair is flat and that is causing pressure to be concentrated at the same place. 
Aikaa is based on 3D Ergonomic Design that wraps around the waist and hip, to disperse pressure. Look...even a fragile raw egg doesn’t break after sitting on it, 
that’s really incredible! 
Aikaa is really durable and comfortable! We highly recommend this to people who sit for long hours. If you don’t wish to have a hunched back, stay upright with this seat cushion that helps you stay energetic with comfort.
Apart from office workers or students...drivers should also use Aikaa! It’s also tiring for drivers as they have to stay focused on the road. Simply add on Aikaa to the car seat and drive comfortably! 
Aikaa is 100% Made in Korea, with the outstanding memory foam, it will not go out of shape easily! The product is covered with 3D Space Mesh, that makes the material breathable. 
Get the value set now! 
Be it studying, gaming, watching dramas or even chatting online…
Stay comfortable in the right posture for the sake of your health and overall look! 
🔽 AIKAA Set (A-Hip + A-Back) 🔽

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