Suffering from back pain at a young age? The right sitting posture is extremely important! Office workers should all take note of this!

I am going to tell you a terrifying fact...the average sitting time for an office worker is 9 hours and standing time is……….30 minutes!

I do believe that a lot of office workers experience back pain at a young age. Most people may think that it is comfortable to sit at work, but with incorrect sitting posture, your waist may need to bear the pressure of up to 140kg!

Hunchback, crossing legs, leaning back on your chair may cause great injury to your waist and spine.

We have been told to "Sit Up Straight" all the time, but it's hard to maintain the same position for even a short 8 minutes !!! 

Today, we’d like to introduce you to our SUPERSTAR in Korea! Even the largest movie theater, ‘CGV’ in Korea has cooperated with us, AIKAA

AIKAA is a brand specially designed for office workers or someone who needs to sit for long hours. It helps to correct the sitting posture and reduce half the pressure on the waist!

*Plus the material is so so so comfortable~~~ 👍* 


▼Collaboration with Korea’s CGV - Special screening theatre with AIKAA’s seat cushions▼

You must be wondering, “There are so many options in the market , what makes AIKAA the perfect choice?”

|Premium Ergonomic Design Memory Foam Cushion

Wouldn’t it be great if your chair takes care of the problem for you, giving you a little nudge to correct your posture?

▼AIKAA -- A Design That Helps Achieve The Right Posture With Comfort▼

A-Back: Supports the spine position with the implementation of 3D structure. The small abutment on the side prevents unnecessary body movements in achieving the ideal body posture.

▼Sit and maintain the correct sitting position easily▼

There are 2 circular protrusions that help with the dispersion of finger and body pressure, which help to reduce pressure and stress on the spine.

A-Hip:  A design wrapped around the pelvis and thigh bones, to provide support at a 12-degree tilt angle. As compared to regular seat cushions, the curved areas at the sides ensure balance as you sit on it. You can take a look from our Egg Pressure Dispersion Test - Nothing happened to the raw egg after sitting on it! 🧐


The Memory Foam is a material developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the 1960s. It is used to protect aviation and has excellent resilience even after long term usage.


[LEFT TO RIGHT] Regular Latax/Memory Foam/AIKAA Memory Foam

AIKAA is suitable for a variety of office chairs. The installation is also super simple. Just put the seat cushion and buckle the waist cushion on the back of the chair.

▼You can carry it around anywhere...▼

▼Place it on your sofa▼

▼Or on car seats to provide more comfort▼


AIKAA helps to maintain the correct sitting position wherever you go!

|More Than 5,000 Positive Reviews

AIKAA Set has more than 6,000 reviews on the Korea Official Webstore (아이카), of which 5,000 of them rated 5 stars and the overall average rating is 4.8 stars! 👍

(Customer review : Miss Y**)  ★★★★★

‘I always feel pain around my waist area because my job requires me to sit for long hours in the office everyday. Hesitated for a while before I decided to buy this set of cushions.

The shipping is fast. I unpacked and placed them on my seat as soon as I received it and I felt that they really help to reduce the pressure at one specific area. 

I need to use them longer to see the results, but after using these, my waist feels well-supported! However, my chair itself is quite small, so after placing the seat cushions, there isn’t any more space left. But I still recommend purchasing them as a set for the value bundle!

(Customer review : Miss R**)  ★★★★★

I bought the whole set as a gift for myself on my birthday! Hehe~~~ 

I spend 1/3 of my day sitting down on a chair. This set really makes me feel more comfortable after using them continuously for several weeks. I can feel that my butt is not so sore anymore as the pressure is evenly dispersed. 

Another reason why I bought this set is also due to my poor posture previously which caused my stomach to grow bigger ><’’ 

(Customer review : Mrs C**)  ★★★★★

I took it to the company to test for a day and my waist and back felt better! 

I love the feeling of it helping me to change my bad habits~ I like to cross my legs all the time. Thank you for making such a great product. 3 friends around me saw how effective it is  and they bought it too! Haha~

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