5 tips on how to choose the right memory foam cushion for you!

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An office worker sits for an average of 8-10 hours per day, and we all know long hours sitting in a chair may cause back and waist pain.

As a result, more and more people are beginning to enjoy the benefits of high-quality cushions. Some good quality seat cushion provides not only support but also can help you to correct your sitting posture.

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But how to choose a good cushion?

Most of us don't think about where we sit. We overlooked the importance of a good chair or seat cushion.

We ignore the pressure and weight of our waists after sitting all day, and the pressure on the back and tailbone cause back pain. It can also negatively affect your productivity and long-term health.

These are important tips for choosing a high-quality cushion!

1) Removable Cover

This is the most overlooked but very important point when choosing a seat cushion for daily use!

Over time, the cover will become dirty and many things will splash on the cover. (You never know when an accident will happen; coffee spilled on the mat or accidentally spilled from the bento box)

When this kind of accident happens, a cushion that has removable covers to make them easy to clean.
Before buying, please be sure to check the washing instructions on the seat cover.

2)Size and shape

Some cushions are designed for large office chairs, and some cushions are specifically designed for smaller chairs. In addition to the basic rectangle, you can also find several other cushion shapes.

Be sure to check the size before buying to make sure that the cushion fits your chair. (Check the size with a chair, check the weight, etc.)

For example, if you are a thin person, and if you choose a very wide shape seat cushion, not only will it not support you, but it will make you more uncomfortable when sitting down.

Good quality ergonomic cushions need to go through different considerations and different tests to achieve the body curve of the public and enough support!


When choosing a seat cushion, one of the main issues you need to consider is the stability it provides. This has nothing to do with softness but more to do with the movement when sitting down. You don't want the seat cushion to collapse immediately after being seated.

One of the wonderful things about memory foam is that it provides enough structure. Some memory foam has shock absorbance, which helps to reduce pressure on your body and, it will not tilt or collapse due to your weight. You will have all the softness you need without sacrificing any stability.

4) Buckle straps

Some seat cushions may come with a long band attached to them. These are designed to help hold them onto whatever chair you’re using them in. Whether you need the buckle strap or not will depend on where you intend to use the cushion, how much stability you need, and whether the cushion has a non-slip base on it. 


Most of the seat cushions are not flat.
Instead, they carve the curve to the area where the user sits. These curved parts are contours, which influence the way the pressure is distributed in the seat and play a role in the comfort of the cushion to the user.

When the contour of the cushion fits the shape of the bottom of the user, the weight distribution will be more even, thereby reducing deformation and reducing pressure. The right foam helps the contour to embrace the user's body correctly and provide good support.

Take care of your back, it will take care of you!

Sit well and maintain your posture. When you take care of your body, your body will take care of you!

Some of us have no choice, sitting is part of the job. But a little support is always good!

Invest in a good quality seat cushion. Your back will thank you.


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