Unboxing of Aikaa Ergonomic Seat Cushion

 Aries Dee

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Featured Product- 3D Ergonomic seat cushion Aikaa Set (Hip+Back)

Right now we are on nearly 2 months of our circuit breaker period.

And most of us is still working at home,sitting in front of our computer and some of the students they are still doing their learning and home work in front of the computer and sitting for almost one whole day.

So it's very nice to get something like this so that we can feel comfort while setting on your chair.

Aikaa Set Comes with A-Hip and A-Back.I think this is a nice color that can be sit above and match to everything.

There is a secure that is compatible for most of the chair because it is adjustable and you can also see how easy to install this cool product.

A Hip Comes with anti-slip texture so that you can install it on not just office chair,but ANY type of chair.


More info about Aikaa

Ideal high density and low elastic memory foam

     95% shock absorbance / 99.8%  Odor elimination / 99.9% Antibacterial

Specially created for  those who sit down for more than 8 hours a day

  • White-collar works who sit in front of a computer for long hours
  • Students who sit in front of the desk for a long time doing revisions
  • People who feel uncomfortable due to incorrect posture that cause neck,shoulders and waist discomfort

Aikaa 3D Ergonomic seat cushion

⭐Wrap around your hip and waist perfectly!⁣
⭐Correct your sitting posture! ⁣
✨ Find the perfect balance between comfort and support with this set of ergonomic seat cushions ➡️
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